Monday, August 29, 2011

#3's room reformation

Some time ago I redecorated my daughter's bedroom. She had only one year left at home so I didn't want to go too wild but I wanted it to be fun. And cheap. The theme was polka dots. We didn't touch the wall color but drew the rest of the color scheme from the polka dot sheets we bought so everything is in blues or green.

We painted the bed frame green. I made the denim quilt. You can't see it in this picture but the edges have polka dot ribbon on this side and the other side is polka dot flannel. Being denim, the quilt is really heavy and toasty on a cold night.

This map was for her to stick pins in all the places she has missionary friends around the world.

We were trying to keep the project as cheap as possible so the artwork was homemade. I made this using a thrift store bulletin board, embroidery hoops, napkin rings and canning jar lids and rings.

The closet was repainted but the dots are just tied on to the slats for easy removal.

(Excuse the open drawers. I wasn't paying attention when I took the picture).

We repainted the old dresser in one of the blue shades.

We put up a hat rack using the green again. Another thrift store find. And painted the little hanging tin she already owned just for fun.

I bought this letter H in the clearance of our local craft store and modge podged polka dot paper on it to hang on the door.

This was something she already owned and I thought the colors worked well.

Bought the pics at the dollar store and covered them in fabric that was sprinkled around the room.

We have a futon in this room we use when we have guests and the cats love to sleep on it and thus cover it in cat hair, so I painted this sheet to cover the futon. When guests come I can easily remove it and throw it in the wash and then put the real bedding on the futon. Gotta shut the door to keep the cats out then. :)

I used heavy polka dot scrapbook paper in a frame to make the earring holder. I just used a small hole punch and the earrings slip right in.

Below that is a thrift store tie rack that I painted for hanging necklaces.

You can see a little of the bulletin board which has been painted and has polka dots all the way around the frame.

I painted the base of a lamp we already had and bought the green lamp shade though I'm sure if I'd been craftier I could have covered the old one in fabric. I like this green though.

(Piggy bank she already owned and was cute with the colors. )

So, just in case anyone ever reads this, I hope you liked #3's room. Whiskers seemed to.

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