Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alzheimer's: Another funny from The Homestead

While at the Homestead today, Dad got a kick out of one resident who was headed back from the table to his room.  Another resident was on a rant, yelling and swearing at people.  The first resident stopped for a bit and listened and then when one of the staff came by he said, "If I ever get like that, just hit me in the head with a damn hammer." 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vocal Point Awesomeness

I don't watch a lot of TV these days.  I don't know why but I don't. Probably because I don't get the Food Network and that is my favorite.  Anyway,  despite my not watching much TV I did follow The Sing Off this season.  I'd never even heard of the show before but BYU's Vocal Point was on the show and being loyal to my Alma mater  I started watching.  I enjoy a capella too so it works out quite well.  I was thrilled that Vocal Point made it as far as they did in the competition and only have a little bias when I say that they should have been on at least one more week.  But I suppose it was good to be done so they could get back to school full time. 

Picture from BYU Alumni Association
Anyway,  thanks to a Facebook Post from Vocal Point I started following this blog.  Totally Missing the Point is written by two sisters who became Vocal Point fans.  They analyze each performance in a non serious manner.  Reading the blog is a lot of fun as are the comments, some of which come from members of Vocal Point.  So I thought I'd share my adoration for Totally Missing The Point today.  If you are a Vocal Point fan too or just enjoy a capella music you should check out their blog.  I have been very amused.   Here is just a little sample of what their analysis sounds like:

" ...We are constantly amazed at how Tanner manages to blend into the choreography while doing all the crazy stuff he does.  We often exclaim, “Tanner, stop being so awesome!”  This may be the finest example of that from the Sing-off.  Way to nail it, dude.
Then we hit the home stretch, as we finally get to the song where the awful lady blouses fit the theme.  And you know what?  Still awful.  But McButters kills it anyway, because that’s what he does.  Tanner delivers one of his signature moves at 4:27, where he sort of drops it like it’s hot while snapping / whipping it / pumping up the jam.  Michael looks particularly cool moving into the group formation at 4:30.  And then we get one of those classic Vocal Point moments, where the choreography looks way cooler than it has any right to look.  If you were to describe a group of nine men hopping across the stage while alternating between being hunched over and leaning back and shaking their shoulders in the process, well… that would sound lame.  But in the performance, it looks legitimately cool.
We reach the end as Tanner once again drops it like it’s hot and Keith gets on his knees (Oh, you can kneel now but not in Every Little Step?  What’s the deal?).  The audience goes nuts and we get a Jake’s wife sighting. Overall, a strong performance.  We would’ve preferred a Michael Jackson medley, but that’s just because we saw how awesome “Beat It” was at ICCAs (Shout out to Papa Sterling for the nicely shot ICCA videos!).
There is one lingering question from this performance, though.  Why did Tanner’s lady blouse reappear during the “Boy Band Chic” portion of the fall Vocal Point concert?
Did he lose a bet?  Think the shirt was so awful he stole it to wear ironically?  Please, just don’t tell us that he legit likes it.  It would so taint his awesome.
UPDATE: Well, this is a relief.  We’ve found new photographic evidence that Tanner is not, in fact, wearing the loathsome lady blouse.  His awesomeness remains intact. We’ve never been so happy to see navy and gray horizontal stripes on a man before.  It’s not much of a look, but it beats a boat neck lady blouse."

So go on over to their blog.  They have clips and photos to entertain as they go along.  Start at the beginning to better understand their jokes and read through.  I think you'll be amused too.