Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I keep thinking I should blog about....something, but what?  I had a post ready before Christmas but Blogger was not cooperative so I bagged that one.  It seems like I should do a post with resolutions since we are in a new year but seriously, the only resolution I make and keep is to not make resolutions.  And truthfully, I don't even make that one.  I just don't like to resolve to do something that I know I won't follow through with.  So, no resolutions. 

I guess I'll just say that we had a lovely Christmas.  We had two Christmases without all the kids and that was hard for me so this year was sweet because we were all together again.  I keep wondering what I'll do when my kids get married and either have their own Christmases or need to share Christmas with the in-laws too.  It will be sad for me but I guess I'll learn to cope. 

So favorite gift given was for my kids.  I had a lot of fun scrunching up one dollar bills and filling a box for each of them. My son was the first to open the money gift.  He saw what it was and closed the box before anyone else could see.  When his sister asked what it was he said he felt the need to throw it up in the air so he opened the box flaps and started tossing.  Money was flying about and the girls began to grab it as fast as it came down.  Too funny. The girls gave it back to him.  At least I think they did :)

The other one that cracked me up was that I made a "College Survival Box" for each of them.  I filled a largish box with necessary items that students hate to pay for like shampoo, toothpaste etc as well as favorite snacks and treats.  I was amazed at how tickled they were by that.  My youngest kept saying how jealous her roommates would be. 

As for favorite gift received, I have to say that I loved each of the gifts my kids gave me. They were all well thought out in terms of getting something I would love.  One gave me a gift card for the local craft store (which I used today shopping their sales), one a darling handmade Christmasy craft and the other an old Cary Grant movie I've been wanting. (I love Cary Grant). All of them were great gifts.  But I'd have to say that my husband outdid himself this year.  I was thinking I'd post a picture of it but I'm still having camera/computer problems so getting it downloaded is difficult. 

This is not the actual gift but a close proximate.  Mine is grey not black.  I'm the proud owner of what my husband calls an "old lady" car. It is a 2008 Buick Lacrosse.  I told him that I'm happy to be an old lady then.  The car has lots of features I've never had in a car before but my favorite thing about this car is that it has heated seats.  and not just underneath but on the back too.  It is like getting a lovely heat massage while I drive.  I love it!  I'm not sure that he'll ever be able to top that gift. Or that he'll ever want to.  Since he says it is an old lady car I decided that it needed an old fashioned name and since it is a Buick, it needed a name that started with a B so I named her Beulah.  I love my Beulah.
And my husband too.