Monday, October 31, 2011

Okay, more Homestead humor

In a comment for a previous humor post my brother made reference to Eva, a Homestead resident that he was quite attached to.  This story is how their love affair began.  It was Thanksgiving dinner and the aides working that day suggested the each of the residents share something they were grateful for. They went around the table each taking their turn to share and when it was Eva's turn she said, "Not a damn thing".  My brother knew right at that moment that he loved her.

My brother feels I didn't tell this story well so here is his addition: You missed the dramatic hand slap on the table at the same time Eva said, "NOT A DAMN THING!" She was quite emphatic about that. I miss Eva, it won't be the same without her there.

Eva was generally entertaining to me.  Most of the time she was very sweet tempered and  happy to see me and my family.  One day one of the aides was wheeling Eva to the dinner table but as she came up on us she asked the aide to stop because she wanted to talk to those two, pointing to my husband and me.  After a "how are you" type conversation she asked if our #3 child belonged to us and then she said to #3, while pointing to my 45 year old husband,  "I knew him when I was young".  Eva was 89.  

After she'd celebrated a birthday She told my brother not to call her 90 years old because she was only 70.  If she were 90, she'd be 6 feet under.  Nice to be able to take 20 years off just like that huh?  When my brother left that day  Eva motioned Dad to come over to her.  When he got there she asked if his son had gone home so Dad explained he had but would be back tomorrow. Eva said, "He is a nice boy.  I've known him since high school".  So if you take off the 20 years she said before, then she was only adding 20 or so years  to my brother.  Made me smile. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy 59th Anniversary

                                                         Today marks my parent's 59th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Picture
I always thought they were a very handsome couple.  Movie star quality looks... My dad was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and met my mother while serving in Sweden.  He brought her home with him when he returned to America.  Just a little souvenir? I think my mother was very brave to leave her homeland and family.  In those days one traveled by ship.  She didn't know if she'd ever see her family again. As flying became common she did see her family a number of times but it was not very often.  Long distance phone calls were incredibly expensive. No internet, no Skype, no texting, ... Her main communication with her family was by handwritten letters.  I think Sweden must have felt very far away for her.

Leaving on the train
This is my parents on the train headed off to meet the boat. Again, gorgeous people and my favorite picture of them.  All smiles as they set off on this adventure.

I don't think my mom smiled as much on the boat since she was seasick the entire time. They were married shortly after arriving in Idaho.

On the boat looking toward New York City

Ellis Island

                                                                        Look where the finger is pointing and you see my mother's name on the wall at Ellis Island.
Now just a few shots of their family as it grew over the years...                                        

Here is when I joined the group. We are so cute!

My question here is why in the world did they choose this shot.  I look so bored and couldn't the photographer have noticed that my knees weren't  together? I think I wasn't ready for that shot. Check out my dad's red suit.  Something ain't it? We are so 70's.

This is the most recent shot of our family which is quite sad because the baby I'm holding is now 18.  Yeah, it has been a very long time since we were all together and could have pictures done.
Now the clan has grown to include 23 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren with more on the way.

This picture was taken on the eve before their 59th anniversary.  Mom can still smile but it is often hard to catch it on film.

My parents have been wonderful examples to us all, of love, devotion, and service among other things. They have worked hard their entire lives to provide for the family and to run the household as well as to teach us about our Savior.

My mother can do little for herself now and my father sits with her everyday to assist however he can even though she doesn't always know who he is. Sometimes he reads to her or tells her stories.  He more often than not feeds her, transfers her from wheel chair to where ever she needs to sit, and always makes sure she is safe. My dad prays to live long enough to take care of her as long as she is on this earth. Happy 59th Anniversary Mom and Dad.