Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alzheimer's: One more funny from The Homestead

Here is one more funny event from The Homestead.  The food there is only as good as the staff on duty that meal.  Some of them are experienced cooks and some are not.  There is a young guy who is fairly new there that is apparently not very experienced.  Dad said that the other day everything he served for lunch was burnt.  I can't remember now what Dad said they were eating but everyone was having a hard time eating it. They couldn't even cut it up easily.  Dad reported the following conversation around the table.  Woman on Mom's right: "I can't eat this. "  Man on Mom's left: "I got it in my mouth but I can't chew it". 

Dad said that he heard the aide cooking that day confess to the head cook (who works in another building) that he had burned everything.  Hopefully he'll get some pointers from her because Dad said that everything the next meal was undercooked.  :)

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