Saturday, October 1, 2011

Storm doors

I said in a previous post that I would write about our storm doors so I shall do that today. We had different objectives for the front and the back of the house.  We'll start with the front door.  We LOVE the look of this door and want it to be eye catching so I didn't want any lines to obscure the view of the door.  We ordered the storm door with just a plain sheet of glass.  It is actually removable and comes with a screen you can put in if you want air flow but we've never used the screen.  It is a north facing door and most of our breezes come from the south so it wouldn't get a lot there anyway.  We love that we get the benefit of having the storm door without ruining the look of the door. We got it with a lock giving us the option of leaving the front door open  but still having a safety measure.  (Not that our town has a high crime rate but it makes me feel better when I'm home alone.)
Here is the lovely view from inside looking out.  It was very pretty with all the spring/summer flowers in bloom out there but there isn't much left now. Autumn has come and it is all going dormant. 

And when we have the door open letting all that wonderful light flow through, passers-by get a lovely view mostly of our piano bench which is never pushed in properly. :)

 Lets move on to the back door.  This one faces south and gets all the refreshing breezes or rather wind as is often the case in our area.  We wanted to take advantage of the breezes so we ordered a different type of storm door that I absolutely LOVE!  The only thing I don't like is that the line across the middle of the storm door doesn't line up exactly with the window line of the regular door.  But I've never gotten complaints about that from the backyard neighbors and they are about the only ones that see it besides us so I try not to fret about it too much. 

Here is the storm door without the regular door.  You get to see my painted stairs again.   There is also a lock on this door.
So what is special about this storm door?  Well, let me tell you.  I hate the look of window screens.  I endure them on the windows because I also hate flies and don't enjoy bee stings or neighborhood cats coming in for a visit, or even our own cats coming in through the window. But I really hate looking out through a screen.  So I wanted a door that allowed airflow and found one that didn't force me to endure the look of a screen all the time. You really can't tell well in the pictures but when you push the window down to let in air, a screen magically comes down to replace the window.  Well, to me it is magical.  So with the window open I get the protection of the screen and with it closed I get no screen at all to obscure my view.  Love. Love.  LOVE THIS! Those breezes blow right up the stairs and help keep the rooms up there a comfortable temperature. 

View from inside the house with the window down. (Yup, that is our grill sitting out there. I wasn't about to move it for a picture). 

So those are our two kinds of storm doors.  Each has a different purpose and fulfills it exactly. 

These storm doors are Larson doors.  The particular doors we chose weren't the cheapest doors they had but they also weren't the most expensive.  However, they are perfect for our needs. 


Lars said...

Strange to see a back door by the stairs... won't even recognize the place

Ria said...

It was strange for us too but we love it. Now when I see pictures without it, I think that looks strange. When are you going to come visit again and see all these changes?

Artista said...

they add in so much light. I am hoping one day to put one on the front door.