Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#fallintobooks prompt today is favorite literary couple

I have skipped a few days on posting these because I already owned the prize books that were up on those days. Without looking I can't remember which days I've skipped but I know one prompt was for what I'm currently reading.  And at present that would be Long Journey Home by Sarah M. Eden.  I read the first chapter last night and had to force myself to go to bed at that point.  I wanted to stay up reading so much.  

Yesterday's prompt was ebook vs print.  I like both.  There is nothing like having an actual book and if I really, really like the book I want to own the print book.  But I also like ebook and actually use my Kindle more often.  Since it has the text to voice option I often let my Kindle read to me while I'm working on other things.  I can "read" while I weed the flower beds or clean the house or work on a craft project that way.  The computer reading from the Kindle isn't the best but it still entertains me.  Also I like audio books and so the Kindle is great for that as well. 

Anyway, today's thing is favorite literary couple.  And I think I am a broken record on these because I always go back to my favorite books.  
I love Darcy & Elizabeth of course. Pride and Prejudice

And I love all the couples in the Jonquil brothers series but I think my favorite of those is Jason and Mariposa. They crack me up. A Fine Gentleman (The Jonquil Brothers #4)

And lastly, I love Anne and Gilbert.  Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)

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