Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Real Conversation

My dad shared a sweet story with us.   He said about 3:00 Mom started talking.  Most of the time when this happens she cannot make herself understood. Either she can't finish the sentence or she uses gibberish.  Today however, she started with something that couldn't be understood and then said, "No. that isn't what I mean." And she started again.  This time she got it all out and Dad could answer her.  They had actual two way conversation.  The sweetest though was when Dad told her that he comes there everyday to help her however he can and she said, "And you'll never know how much I appreciate it."  Staff came in and she was able to converse with them as well while smiling and looking happy.  At some point Dad asked her if she knew who he was and she said yes.  He asked her if she could say his name.   She said, "You are the man that...." and then gibberish filled in.  So she couldn't say his name.  I don't know if that means she really didn't know or if she just couldn't get her brain to say it but her ability to fully communicate was gone again.  After a while she stopped talking and just stared at him.  When she does that I can't decide if she is just empty headed at the moment or if she knows she should know him but can't figure out how. Anyway, it was a sweet time for them to be able to have a real conversation.  On the rare occasions that something like this happens it is almost as if you get the real Inga back just for a little while.  And it is a moment to be savored.

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Sherry said...

How precious! It made me cry. What a blessing for your Dad to have such a special moment like that!