Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Christmas decor

 I started this post last year at Christmas time and never finished it. Now I can't remember what I was going to add or change about it but I figured I'd post what is here. I didn't set everything up the same this year but it gives an idea anyway.

 Here are some shots of decorations for the holidays.  This one was Thanksgiving.  The blocks on top say "Count Your Blessings"

And here is that space for Christmas. Same blocks on top only this side says "'Tis the Season".  The wood candles next to it were made by my son way back when he was in cub scouts.  Cute. The countdown til Christmas next to the candles is a new addition this year.

  Bay leaf wreath. 
Candy cane wreath.

As an aside let me add that the candy cane wreath does not keep well. Besides breaking easily, the candy canes get sticky over time, so plan on this one being just for one year.

 I find cross stitch very relaxing so I used to choose one big project to work on through the year.  This is our cross stitch nativity.

This was supposed to be a tree skirt but I love the Swedish skirt that I have had for years so I use this as a table cloth instead. Wish I could say I made the Santa that sits on it but that was made by my talented sister in law.  The tree is one of my advent calendars.
One year I did stockings for everyone.  My daughter has informed me that when someone gets married I'd better be prepared to make one for the spouse.  I can't hang stockings on the hearth because we have a wood stove and use it all winter long.  I can't have them dangling down by the stove top.  So they hang from this shelf with a display of Santas. 

Cross stitch pillows.

 Snowmen on the piano.

How is this for cuteness?  This picture was taken the day after my husband and I got engaged and I had it made into a Christmas plate.  My intention was to do an updated picture each year but sadly this is the only one that got made.

Noel pillows. 

This advent calendar was another one of those things that I saw in a catalog.  It was way too expensive to suit me so I asked my Dad to make it for me. He cut the wood and assembled it and I painted it.  I think that I'd paint it differently if I were to do it now but there it is anyway. The biggest difference between this one and the catalog is that theirs was a music box and we didn't bother to do that.

Each door hides an ornament

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