Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards. I know a lot of people do not bother with them anymore. If holiday greetings are sent, it is often by internet. While I still enjoy hearing from those people, I miss getting the card in the mail. I like to hang them in our stairwell as part of the festive decor.  I know that I could save a lot of money if I quit sending them by post but I love getting them so much I continue to send them each year hoping to bring others as much joy and thus encouraging the tradition.  With many people Christmas cards and letters are the only communication we have all year and I enjoy seeing pictures of the families and hearing about their lives.

I love getting the family pictures from my nieces and nephews which in many cases now includes my great-nieces and nephews.  Each one is a visual history of the growth of their families. They are all wonderful. I love them all. But that being said, I have to share one in particular. (I covered the names to protect the innocent.) No offense to any of the other families because as I said, I love getting their pictures too. This one just CRACKED ME UP!

                                     Best family Christmas card picture EVER!


Anna-Kare said...

I giggle every time I see this one. I agree. THE BEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!

Christie Morgan South said...

Oh, this is a keeper, for sure! Love it!

Janelle. said...

I think it definitely captures this time in our lives :) I'm glad you liked it!!

Janelle. said...

Oh, and I LOVE Christmas cards too!! I am excited to go to the mailbox everyday in December and see who sent one and hang them all up too...so thanks for yours! :)