Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's day

I wanted to post about my kids for Mother's day because they are what made me a mother.  When I was a little girl and everyone stated what they wanted to be when they grew up, most of the girls said "stewardess" or "nurse" or something like that.  I always wanted to be a mom. I don't remember ever wanting to be anything else.  This desire probably reflects on my mother I should think. 

 So Boo #1 came along just in time for me to graduate from college.  Hard to see but she is wearing a mini grad hat.  She was about 7 weeks old on graduation day.  This sweet little one first made me a mom.

One thing I've learned by going through pictures of the kids is that I was most often taking the picture so I have lots of cute pics of the kids but not so much with me together with them.

Was that 80's hair or what!

And here is boo #2, a boy this time.  Life was good being a mama twice. We've moved into the 90's now and my hair got short but it didn't stay that way long. Never liked it short....

Are babies any sweeter than when they are sleeping?

 And here we are with Boo #3 on the way.  On the way and almost there, thankfully.  I was getting pretty huge. That hair had some time to grow out again. 

 And Boo #3 arrived.  Look at that yawn.  A sweet little girl to round out our family. 

Three great kids.  Three great blessings. I love being a mom.

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