Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One more Homestead Humor

In the building where my mom lives, most of the residents have memory loss but there are some that have good minds with non cooperative bodies.  Such was the case with one woman who was often dryly humorous. One of the aides told me that as this resident was bedridden and dying, she went in to give her morphine which was administered orally. After tasting the morphine the resident said, "Why did you just give me cat pee?!"  The aide laughed and replied, "When have you tasted cat pee to know what it tastes like?"  The resident came back with, "I just did!"

Conversation I overheard at The Homestead the other night.:

Aide: We are going to put you to bed now.
Resident: What?
Aide: We are going to put you to bed.
Resident: Okay but what do I do with my feet?

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