Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Hannah

 Happy 19th birthday to my Hannah!
Nineteen years ago I gave birth to my third child - a girl.  I had believed this one was a boy. I was so sure of it. But I also felt that something was very wrong with this pregnancy. The doctor assured me that the baby was fine but I was convinced that this baby was handicapped in some way.  It was not until I gave birth that I figured out what was "wrong".  The doctor announced "It's a girl!".  Wait.  This was supposed to be a boy.  I was so shocked! It took me about three days to get used to the idea that she really was a girl. 

And a lovely girl she was indeed.  Hannah was a delightful baby.  She was very easy going and didn't cry very much.  I can remember people being so surprised when I'd take her to visit with friends or something.  She would sit on the floor entertaining herself. When she got hungry she would start a little fuss. I'd pick her up and feed her and then she'd entertain herself on the floor again.  She was just very happy. I do have pictures and some video of her crying so there is proof that it really happened but I don't really remember much of it.

When I looked at this picture this morning I started to laugh.  It seems that Hannah has had a love/hate relationship with food from the beginning.  Actually, Hannah started out as my least picky child but as she got older she became more and more picky.  Finally figured out in a science class at school that she has odd taste buds. Her dislikes are probably not willfulness but rather that food tastes different to her than it does to me.  

This is a picture of Hannah playing dress up. It seems she put on everything she could find in the dress up box but the real reason I like the picture is because I love her eyes.  And she'd never had so much hair.  ha ha. 

One of the things I noticed as I looked at the pictures in Hannah's album (besides my poor photography skills) is this adorable grin.  I could show you pictures all through the book of this same happy, cheesy grin. It makes me smile.

 I was trying to think what word I would use if I had to describe Hannah in one word.  At this age I would have said "bouncy".  Or perhaps "exuberant". Hannah was so full of energy and I remember she seemed to be bouncing all the time. 

Here is one more cheesy 4 year old grin.

And one last picture just because I like it.  Hannah is wearing her Mimi's hat and I always thought it was adorable with that springy dress.

 I can't quite decide what one word I would use to describe Hannah now.  She has many talents and abilities. She likes to learn for the sake of learning. She will read classics just to be able to discuss them with someone.  She is a hard worker especially when she enjoys the particular task. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. When she dislikes she is not afraid to dislike and when she loves she is not afraid to love.  And she has a little stubborn mixed in there too.

 I was with Hannah just a few days ago but went home early because I got sick.  Wish I could have stayed long enough to bake a cake for this day.

So happy birthday to my dear Hannah.  Love you.

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