Saturday, September 22, 2018

#fallintobooks prompt for the day is tear jerker.

I suppose I've read any number of tear jerker books.  Think Old Yeller... Or The Hiding Place.

Most recently I cried over one of the Jonquil brothers books For Love or Honor by Sarah M. Eden.  The other books in the series were more light hearted I think but this one was really emotional for me.  This is taken from my Goodreads review of the book.  

While One Fine Gentleman made me laugh through out, For Love or Honor was the emotional opposite. This book is so much harder to read than the others in this series. I had tears in my eyes through most of it and those spilled over more than once. If I had read this book first, I'm not sure that I would have read the rest of the series because this was emotionally so taxing. Stanley was such a broken spirit it was just heart breaking. And even though it was killing him, he still sought to give what he could to others. Because that is what Jonquils do.

I loved the book but it was emotional. So this one was a tear jerker for me...

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