Monday, September 24, 2018

#Fallintobooks prompt today is favorite bookstore. 

My husband and I both enjoy browsing a bookstore.  When we were young marrieds, in school and had no money we would trade babysitting with friends and go walk around the local bookstore for our date nights.  Rarely bought anything since we were too poor but enjoyed the night anyway.  It was actually a funny date night because he usually ended up in the PoliSci, or History section and I always gravitated to Parenting, Child Development or Fiction.  Every so often one of us would seek the other out to show a find but that part of our date night was often individual.  Ha ha.  But we loved it.  

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Nowadays, we usually have money to go do things so we don't often do dates in a bookstore and I have gotten lazy in general so I end up buying most books on Amazon. The other day we were in a bookstore though  and my husband bought a religious book and I bought a children's board book.  So things haven't really changed much in 30 years.  

My husband likes to shop a used book store, Benchmark Books in Salt Lake City when we travel through there so that is probably his favorite.  

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