Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Today's #fallintobooks prompt is #series.

Will I be a broken record if I say once again that I love the Jonquil Brothers series?  Cuz  I do. And it is always the first one I think of. 
But here is another series I have enjoyed... 

I love Jane Austen books but there aren't enough of them because Jane died too young.  But there are a whole lot of fan fiction books written based on Austen's book in some way.  One of my favorites is the Cousins series by Jennifer Joy.  You get a good "what if" change in plot for Darcy's story and then a story for each of his cousins, Anne de Bourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam.  I enjoyed all three of these clean reads.  

Darcy's Ultimatum (The Cousins #1)

Anne's Adversity (The Cousins #2)

Colonel Fitzwilliam's Challenge (The Cousins #3)

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