Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Post 11: Who Are The Brave

Today is 11/11/11. The time is not quite 11:11 but it won't be long before it is. A unique day in numbers. I wonder how many people chose this as their wedding day.

It is also Veteran's Day. I just looked on Facebook and it is full of posts saluting our troops past and present.  This song was shared which I'm not sure that I'd heard before. I'll share it too incase you aren't familiar with it either. This version shows the choir singing it but there is also a music video version to see.

So thanks to the brave. Thanks to my uncles that served and my dad though the war was over by the time he was called up. And thanks to all the other brave who were willing to give their lives for our country.

"When we safeguard the heavenly virtue of freedom, when we honor it, when we protect it, we will walk with Washington, we will pray with patriots, and we shall have peace on earth, good will to men." Thomas S. Monson

And one last thank you to the youth group in our neighborhood as well as across town that get up early in the morning to put flags in everyone's yards on patriotic holidays.  I love those days and often wish there were more of them.  It was particularly comforting to me to turn on to our road and see flag after flag in the days following 9/11.

So thank you. 

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