Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving post 24

The big day has finally arrived.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Today I'm thankful for all the things in my posts all month.  I'm thankful particular for my family both immediate and extended. They are all wonderful. And I'm thankful that other people are now washing the dishes instead of me. :) Just about everyone pitched in to clean up and put food away.  And I even got more help with the food prep than usual.  Yay!   We ate later than we typically might because my brother and dad spent the day with my mom.  I decided that was a very nice way to do things.  I didn't do anything this morning.  In the afternoon we prepared everything and then I got a little nap before we started cooking the rest of the meal.  Can't beat a nap before dinner.

I was also grateful that my daughter and husband went to visit my mom this afternoon too.  I haven't been there since I got sick so it made me happy that they wanted to go on this holiday when I couldn't go myself.

On that note, my cold is getting better but I sound pretty bad when I talk. Kind of laryngitis-y.   I still cough on occasion and have congestion in my head giving me a headache.  But I can breath perfectly well and that makes everything better.

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