Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving post 7

I'm having a hard time choosing what to be thankful for today.  I think I will go with being thankful for our wood stove.  I mentioned in an earlier post that we have electric ceiling cable heat which I dislike.  If it is a small closed room it works well but our downstairs is all open so it never really feels that toasty with just the heat on.  But start up a fire in the wood stove and it is toasty nice.  My loving husband built a fire just before he left for work this morning. When I came down stairs it, my hair was still wet but since the room was so toasty I wasn't cold.  Perhaps what I should really be writing about is how sweet my husband was to build that fire for me.  He left as soon as it was going so I'm the only one that benefited from it.   Yep, I think that wins.  Today I'm grateful for my thoughtful husband who warmed my heart by warming my house.

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