Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving post 20

You know, it is harder to feel thankful when you are ailing.  The cold I have is determined to do its thing despite all the Airborne I've been using.  But it does make me thankful for when I have good health and don't feel like my lungs are getting coughed up and out of my body.  I wouldn't mind having a cold so much if I weren't expecting guests all week.  But my brother flies in tonight and then everyone else comes on Wednesday. A week earlier would have been much more convenient Ms. Cold.  So I'm praying for a fast recovery and that no one else catches this.    The saddest part is that I can't go spend any time with my mom and that I expose my father to this each day.  So anyone who reads this, if you could add a little prayer for me that no one else gets this I'd be much obliged. 

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Anna-Kare said...

Done. In my prayers. Feel better soon. Hugs!