Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving post 9

Yes, I am aware that I skipped post 8.  I was too grumpy to feel very grateful.  :)  So today I'm grateful that I'm not grumpy today. And I'm not even grumpy on most days... I think everyone I encounter can be grateful for my non-grumpy day. 

So for yesterday's missed post, I can be grateful that I don't have to ever repeat yesterday.  This is what happened. My friend said that she goes to the beauty school and gets a color and cut for $25. I am having a hard time getting coverage over my greys doing it myself so I thought I'd give this a shot.  My appointment was for 1:15.  I left the beauty school at 7:00.  No joke. Wow, it all took forever.  The girl wasn't bad but she was slow.  I kept wishing that her supervisor would just take over so we could get on with it.  I had another appointment for 4:00 so I called John and asked him to cancel that one for me.  They colored it about 2 shades darker than I'd had but because I went darker the color looked "hollow" as they said.  (I never saw it in that stage).  So they used another process to give it vibrancy. That tacked on at least an extra 1/2 hour.  By the time they got through all that was involved with the coloring it was time for the day school to close and the night school would be starting in 10 minutes or so.  They gave me the option of waiting for night school or rescheduling for the cut.  I decided to get the cut done so I wouldn't have to come back again and start all over.  

So I got another girl for the cut and she seemed to have more confidence so I was encouraged but she didn't really do what she said she was going to do.  I don't think she cut off nearly as much as planned but I was afraid to ask her to do more because it would have added so much more time.  I decided I'd keep quiet and just cut more off myself if I needed to.  I did tell her several times that I didn't like my bangs done flat but she styled them that way anyway.  When she finished, my hair looked nearly identical to hers.  So I told her that the problem with it being styled that way was that it looks like it belongs on a 20 year old and I am nearing 50.  She said she thought it looked nice that way.  Then after a pause added, "Of course, I am 20".  Kinda made me laugh. To add to the pain of this taking nearly 6 hours, it cost me $51.  that is a considerable amount more than $25.  So totally not worth it. 

And my frustrations only continued since I had not voted before I went.  I always vote during the day when it is not busy.  I'm usually in and out very quickly.  but since I was getting to the polls after 7:00 it was quite a wait.  I was pretty grumpy by then.  I considered walking out but I would have felt guilty if the person I wanted to be mayor had lost and I hadn't voted.Turns out that he won by enough that my vote wouldn't have mattered. 

Anyway, now I'm grateful that I don't have to get my hair done that way every time.  I'm blessed with other options, none of which require nearly 6 hours.  As it turns out, the cut is fine once I styled it myself but I'm still undecided on the new color. 

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Anna-Kare said...

I LOVE the new color. I'd like to try it myself (only not by your student hair dresser). You'll have to figure out another way to continue with that color. By the way, is it covering the gray the way you want?