Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving post 15

Today I am thankful for appliances.  I tried to pick my favorite.  Which appliance could I not live without?  Which one was the greatest invention ever? Microwave, refrigerator,  washer, dryer, stove, freezer, dishwasher, etc.... I couldn't just pick one.  All of them make my quality of life so much better.  In my lifetime I have lived without the dishwasher and microwave but the rest I have always had.  I could still live without a dishwasher if I had to.  I wouldn't like it but I could.  The microwave has changed my whole way of cooking though.  If I had to think ahead to defrost meat I'd be sunk. And what would life be like without refrigeration? Wow would that be tough. 
Or what would it be like to not have a washing machine.  Can you imagine how many hours labor would be added to my week if I had to hand wash everything? I'll tell you, no one in this household would wear an item only once before it got washed. 

So I'm thankful to the inventors of these fabulous things that make my life so much easier and also for the electricity that runs them.

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