Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving post 3

I am thankful today, and everyday, for the Internet.  I love how small the world becomes because of the Internet.   Before we had Internet my mother was communication central.  As a poor college student, I couldn't really afford to make long distance phone calls but my mother called me fairly regularly.  Through her I learned what my siblings were doing and could leave a message to any of them for her to deliver when she talked to them next.  Then my parents served a mission for our church together in Sweden and during the time they were gone, communication central was gone too. My siblings and I didn't communicate very much during that time.  I remember thinking that this is what it would be like when my parents died.  

Then we got the Internet.  Suddenly we could easily email each other and not just my siblings but all my extended family as well.  I got to know cousins that I would never have recognized on the street and reconnected with aunts and uncles as well.  It was a wonder.  

And now it is even better.  I can instantaneously chat with my kids that are away at college.  I have reconnected with friends from high school and fellow missionaries I served with on Facebook. And I can keep up with my nieces and nephews lives through Facebook and their blogs.   It is so much fun to see what they are all doing in life.  

And the other thing I love about the Internet is Google.  I can find out anything I need in a matter of moments; How to make substitutions in cooking, or a new recipe, crafting projects, do it yourself projects or whatever else I might need to know. What a luxury.

I am thankful to have the Internet.

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Anna-Kare said...

Me, too! I remember what a shock it was when Mom and Dad went on that first mission together. I realized that I didn't even have the phone numbers for some of my siblings! I had depended on Mom far too much for communication. Now we are one big happy family because of the internet. Great blessing!